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Hazelbox Green´n´White

Growbox mini

Hazelbox Green´n´White

Our new Hazelbox Green´n´White is a big update of our small grow box. Since August 2022 we provide you with our Hazelbox Compact in white with green doors.

Our lastest grow box

Our Hazelbox Green’n’White 2022 is a 120cm high stealth grow box made of sturdy sheet steel, fully welded and delivered fully assembled. All connections are prepared for use as a grow box.

Growbox mini

The plug and grow cabinet

From the outside, the grow cabinet looks like designer furniture. The Hazelbox Green’n’White 2022 is delivered exclusively together with the Hazelbeam2 in white. LED lighting, activated carbon filter, timer programs and exhaust air fan are located in one housing. All you have to do is hang the Hazelbeam2 in the Hazelbox, connect it and you can start your home grow right away.

Home growing has never been so easy

The complete grow system makes it easy to get started with home growing. 4-6 plants fit in the Hazelbox Green’n’White 2022. The shipping costs are included in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The biggest update ever

Our 2022 models have about 25% more light output than their predecessors. In addition, the grow box is now about 30% quieter. The doors are even easier to open and close thanks to CundP’s new patented Ergo Lock system.

Hazelbeam2 including

The Hazelbox Green’n’White comes exclusively with the new white Hazelbeam2. Our Hazelbeam2 is assembled in Germany and each individual lamp runs on the test bench for at least 12 hours and then receives a serial number and the CE mark for tested quality. All you have to do is hang the Hazelbeam2 in the Hazelbox and you can start your home grow right away.

Grow LED


    Dimensions 120cm x 93cm x 50cm

    Ultra-silent exhaust air with 110m3 p/h

    Easy to change integrated activated carbon filter

    COB LEDs with up to 270 watts of power and an optimal color spectrum

    Infrared and UV diodes

    Ergo Lock for locking

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Grow box

grow box

Are you looking for a grow box for your home? The Hazelbox is ideal for beginners in home growing. Our Ultrawhite and Green’n’White models have been available since August 2022 and offer you 25% more light output and great yields despite low power consumption. You want to know what a grow box needs?

the housing of a grow box

The housing of a growbox is in most cases a grow tent. Since this does not look pretty in every room, we have considered an alternative. Our Hazelbox is a stable steel cabinet made in Germany, fully welded and very robust. A Hazelbox lasts a lifetime.

the space in the grow box

All classic grow tents are preferably bought in the dimensions 80cm x 80cm x 180cm, or 1m2. Our Hazelbox has a base area of ​​50 cm x 93 cm in all variants.

Accordingly in the smaller version with a height of 120 cm, this offers you space for 4-6 plants. In the large version, our Hazelbox Ultrawhite with a height of 195cm, there is space for 6-8 plants. Depending on whether the plants tend to grow in width or in height. That depends on the variety of the plant.

the connections

Many of the conventional grow tents are opened with a zipper. The new Hazelbox models have doors with a patented Ergonorm handle and can also be locked with a key. As with the tents, fresh air has to get into the box somewhere, but also used old air out again. There are two flange openings on the Hazelbox for this purpose. Fresh air comes in through the lower one, and the power cable is also routed to the outside here. If you want to place other devices, such as an irrigation system, in the Hazelbox, this can also be done easily through the lower flange. The exhaust air hose of the Hazelbeam2 is connected to the upper flange. In our new 2022 models, this flange has an AirMatrix that significantly reduces the noise of the air flow. In comparison, the new Hazelbox models are about 30% quieter than their predecessors.

The inner workings of a growbox

Whether grow cabinet or a grow tent, the inner workings of a grow box is certainly the most important part for a successful harvest. In a grow box you need several technical devices to get a plant to bloom optimally. But basically you need light, a ventilation system and an activated carbon filter to avoid odors. The heart of our Hazelbox is the Hazelbeam2. It combines all the important components of a grow box in one housing. Home growing has never been so easy. If you want to know more about the Hazelbeam2 click here.

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Grow box set

Looking for a grow box set ?

Our Hazelbox is made of sturdy sheet steel, fully welded and comes fully assembled. All connections are prepared for use as a grow box set. From the outside, the cabinet looks like designer furniture. No one sees or hears what is hidden within him. But if you’re not sure whether someone wants to look in anyway, just lock the cupboard. This is the perfect growset.

The Hazelbox is available with a height of 120cm or 195cm. You can also decide whether you want to choose the space-saving and unobtrusive Hazelbox Compact, or the taller and thus more profitable Hazelbox Plus cabinet.

The base area of ​​93cm x 50cm is the same for both variants. The Hazelbox is available in Virdin green/anthracite or completely in anthracite. A complete grow box set will be delivered to you.

Two 63 watt SuperCOB LED matrix in the center ensure extreme leaf penetration and intensity for fast growth and perfect flowering of the plants. The Hazelbeam2 has a total output of 270 watts and is comparable to a 400 watt sodium vapor lamp.

Thanks to the sunrise and sunset mode, your plants will feel like they are in the great outdoors, even at home. The gentle cultivation and the UV light provide you with particularly green and robust leaves in your grow box.

the perfect grow box set

Two 63 watt SuperCOB LED matrix in the center ensure extreme leaf penetration and intensity for fast growth and perfect flowering. The Hazelbeam2 has a total output of 270 watts and is comparable to a 400 watt sodium vapor lamp, so you can say there has never been a grow box set like this .

On our home page

You can find all further information. Our Hazelbeam2 is suitable for a homegrow with chillies, tomatoes or peppers, for example. Your Hazelbeam2 is suitable for use in living rooms with a temperature of 16 to 30 degrees. This light output is ideal for an area of ​​up to 1m2.

Grow box Set
grow box set

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Installment plan

Growbox kaufen Ratenzahlung

Installment plan

Would you like to order your grow box in installments? We have different options to choose from in our shop. You only need 2 steps to checkout in our shopping cart. This is the information about your address and the payment method. There are different options here:

Paypal 0 % installment plan

Is available in Germany and some participating EU countries. This PayPal Plus service is available to most PayPal customers with a 3 to 24 month installment.

We offer you the Paypal 0% financing through our shop from December 20th, 2021 – December 31st, 2023. That means you don’t pay any further fees or interest. For the Hazelbox Compact, for example, rates from 69 € per month are possible.

Klarna payment

Available in Austria, Germany and other participating EU countries. This is interesting for our customers in Austria, because unfortunately there is no PayPal installment payment there. Here, too, individual tariffs and offers are available from 3 to 24 months. Klarna is currently proposing an annual interest rate of 9.9%. But that doesn’t mean that you have to pay almost 10 percent more. Since the amount is reduced every month, the interest contributions also decrease in the long run. At a price of € 150, the fee is not just under € 15, but only about € 7.80.

Credit card

You can also order with Mastercard or Visacard. When checking out with Klarna, choose credit card as the payment method. Klarna then processes the payment with your provider.

More and more customers are using the option of paying in installments with us. Last year we also integrated Klarna for you. In addition, the checkout in our shopping cart is even easier because you can complete your purchase in just 2 steps.

If you have any questions about payment in installments or our grow box, just contact our service team.

Growbox installment plan
Growbox installment plan
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Hazelbox // Suzie Grime

Suzie Grime Growbox

For our friends in the Netherlands. The German youtuber Suzie Grime went to Amsterdam to review our growbox. The Hazelbox is now also available in the Netherlands. Thanks also to our partners SensiSeeds and Der Acker for supporting that video.
And big shout out to Suzie Grime for recommending us. 🙂

Die Youtuberin Suzie Grime testet unsere Hazelbox in Amsterdam. Unsere Growbox gibt es jetzt auch in Holland. Danke auch an unsere Partner SensiSeeds und Der Acker. Großen Dank an Suzie Grime für das tolle Video. 🙂
Hier geht’s zu Youtube Chanel von Suzie Grime. *

Video Suzie

*wir verweisen auf den Haftungsausschluss für externe Inhalte