That’s never been here before

Everything in one box. Our patented Hazelbeam 2 makes your dreams of growing come true. The LED lighting and the exhaust system with fan and activated carbon filter work under one housing. There has never been such an easy-to-use grow system with pre-programmed growth cycles.

No more cabling of the individual components. Just plug in the power plug, select a program of your choice and off you go.

Everything under control

Simply press a button and thereby select one of 3 programs with an optimal light spectrum for
Seeding with 18 hours of low energy blue light to grow the seeds
Growing with 18 hours of intense blue light to grow the plant
Blooming with 12 hours of intense red light to form the flowers and fruits on your plant

Fresh air for you and your plants

Our ultra-silent fan permanently ventilates consumed air. The removable active carbon filter then cleans the air to prevent bad odours in your apartment. This system only exists within the Hazelbeam2. New cartridges can be ordered at our shop.


Two 63 Watt “Super LED Matrix” in the centre of the lamp ensure extreme leaf penetration and intensity for rapid growth and perfect flowering. The broad 10 band light spectrum is optimally balanced by red, blue, UV and IR LEDs. The Hazelbeam2 has a total power output of 270 Watts which is comparable to a 400 Watts sodium vapour lamp.

Out of the blue into nature

Due to sunrise and sunset modes your plants will feel like being grown in the wild outdoors although being indoors at your home. The gentle cultivation and UV light result in particularly green and robust leaves.

Plug´n Plant

The Hazelbeam2 is simply attached to the preinstalled joints within the Hazelbox® or hung to the struts in any conventional grow tent. Plug it in, choose the right program and the construction is done.

What to use it for

Our Hazelbeam2 is suitable for growing e.g. chilies, tomatoes or peppers. It is designed for use in rooms with a temperature of 16 to 30 degree Celsius. The light output is suitable for an area up to 1 square metre. Our Hazelbeam 2 fits the Hazelbox® perfectly.


You can order accessories simply in our online shop.
The used filter cartridges should be ideally replaced 1-2 times a year. If you want to have complete control over the lighting times and the light spectrum use our Hazelremote.

Here we go

Free shipping our Growbox to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Shipping to participating EU countries possible from 39,-€.

Tech Specs

30cm flexible tube 100mm for connecting the exhaust flange
2 pipe clamps for fixing the flexible tube
Power plug
Filter cartridge
Wire suspension for Hazelbox and tents
Hazelbeam 2 270 Watts LED growing system with integrated exhaust fan
LED Power 270W
Max. Current consumption 215 +/- 10W
PAR values @60cm=557µmol/(s·m²)
Full spectrum 10 Bands incl. UV and IR
Preinstalled programs seeding/growing/blooming
Casing material steel, anthracite grey
Product size 445mm*400mm*250mm
Weight(net) 12kg
Ambient temperature 15 – 35 C°
AC input 85V – 265V / 50 – 60Hz, IEC Connector
Efficiency >85%
Beam angle 105° + 78°
Standby power consumption 15 W
Max. Humidity bis 85%
Average Lifetime 50000 hours