Are you looking for a Grow LED? Our Hazelbeam2 not only offers an optimal light spectrum and LED power for 1m2, it has also all the components of a grow box in the Hazelbeam2. Homegrowing has never been so easy.

Grow LED
Grow LED

Grow LED

Are you looking for a Grow LED? There are now hundreds of manufacturers of grow LEDs for grow boxes. What is important in an LED grow light and how does it work? And what makes our Hazelbeam2 so special and unique?

Grow lamp

In order to grow plants without natural light, so-called growing lamps have been available since the middle of the last century. Up until 10 years ago the sodium vapor lamp was the most widely used light source for growing plants with a high energy requirement. After all, natural sunlight has to be simulated. The disadvantages of a sodium vapor lamp are quickly listed. There is a risk of fire due to the heat, a lot of electricity is required and you have to control the lamp with a ballast. In addition, the SVLs only serve a very small spectrum of light. The light bulbs have to be replaced regularly and cause hazardous waste. This variant was very daunting, especially for beginners in home growing, and it prevented many from starting their own home growing.

Grow lamp with LED

Since the 2010s there have been LEDs that have such a high output that they can be used as grow LEDs. Before that, LEDs were too weak and too expensive. But what is important with Grow LEDs?

Many new home growers think watts = yield. This is not true at all.


Because it depends on different properties of the lamp. What is the wattage all about? Various manufacturers want to represent a kind of measured value for performance here. But this is often not true. It may be that a manufacturer simply uses a 400 watt driver or a 400 watt power supply to advertise a lamp equipped with 80 watt LEDs. You can find such offers especially with the particularly cheap Grow LEDs on the big shopping sites. A homegrow LED lamp, which has now been equipped with 300 watt LEDs, actually draws a lower value on the current. You can say that a 3 watt LED needs approx. 2.6 watts of electricity from the net.

These values ​​can vary. How bright and therefore powerful a grow lamp is can be seen from the LUX values. These values ​​can be influenced by the bending and grinding of the LED lenses. 60 degree lenses focus the light in a more concentrated manner than, for example, 120 degree lenses, which distribute the light better, but with less intensity. So the performance of your Grow LED also depends on the quality of the lenses.

Light spectrum

In addition, the light spectrum is important for the optimal growth of the plants. The light spectrum are the different wavelengths in light. To put it simply, one should pay attention to the blue, white and red components in the spectrum in the home growing area. There are also extra channels for ultraviolet light and an infrared component. Above all, the last mentioned do not usually appear in the simple LED grow lights. But these are important for the growth and flowering of the plants. Above all, a high-quality LED grow lamp should generate the right light spectrum for your plants.

All in One Grow light

Many grow lights only have one color spectrum available. This means that, for example, only blue parts of the color can be used to grow a plant. For the flowering of the plant, however, red parts of the color are needed. In the past, the bulb was changed or the entire LED lamp had to be replaced. With the Hazelbeam2, you simply switch from growing to blooming mode at the push of a button. The light spectrum and the lenses of the LEDs are perfectly matched to the space of up to 1 square meter. The times are also preprogrammed and run automatically every day in a cycle. There is even a sunrise and sunset mode that lets the plants gently differentiate between night and day time.

all in one growset
All in One Grow light

But despite the high performance of our Hazelbeam2, we paid close attention to the lowest possible power consumption. The best thing about the Hazelbeam2 is not only the easy-to-use and efficient LED grow light, but that the other components of a grow box are also in the same housing. The exhaust air in your grow box is permanently sucked in by the fan. In the Hazelbeam there is an exchangeable activated carbon filter that filters the smells. All you have to do is to hang the Hazelbeam2 in your grow tent or Hazelbox and you can start your home grow straight away. Plug and Grow.


We pay attention to longevity and sustainability in our products. The components of the Hazelbox and Hazelbeam2 can also be exchanged individually after the warranty has expired. So you can use your devices as long as possible. Even the very first grow system from 2015 is still in use and continues to bring good yields to our customers. Our metal grow box lasts a lifetime.

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