Better safe than sorry
A growbox made of metal

Our Hazelbox® is made of sturdy steel sheet. It is fully welded and comes fully assembled. All connections for its use as a growbox are prepared. From the outside the box looks like designer piece of furniture. No one sees or hears what is hidden within. If you are still not sure if someone wants to have an undesired look inside, just lock it up with the key.

Our Models

The Hazelbox® is available in a height of 120cm or 195cm. So, you can decide if you want to choose the space-saving and inconspicuous Hazelbox® Compact or the higher and therefore higher-yielding Hazelbox® Plus.
The base of 93cm x 50cm is the same for both variants. The Hazelbox® comes in the colours bird green / anthracite grey or completely in anthracite grey.

Fresh air for you and your plants

Simply connect your Hazelbeam2 to the Hazelbox® exhaust flange to direct the depleted air out of the cabinet. Our ultra-silent fan sucks in consumed air permanently. It is then being cleansed by the removable active carbon filter to prevent bad odours in your apartment.

All set.
Stealth growbox including the new Hazelbeam2

The Hazelbeam2 is the heart of the Hazelbox®. The Hazelbox® is delivered including a Hazelbeam2 for use as growbox and delivered to you directly. The Hazelbox® mounting system is perfectly designed to fit your Hazelbeam2. Just attach it and get started. All information about the Hazelbeam2 can be found here.

Hazelbox®® ULTRAWHITE limited Edition

Do you prefer white? The Hazelbox® Plus is now also available in the ultra-white edition. In addition, exclusively with white Hazelbeam2. The ultrawhite edition costs no extra charge and is available immediately. The delivery time can vary. Availability is limited.

Ready. Set. Go.

Free shipping our growbox to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Shipping to participating EU countries possible from 39,-€.


Model: Hazelbox® Compact incl. Hazelbeam2 Hazelbox® Plus incl. Hazelbeam2
1 steel cabinet 120cm (fully assembled, no self-assembly required) 1 steel cabinet 195cm (fully assembled, no self-assembly required)
2 standardised connection flanges 100mm for supply and exhaust air 2 standardised connection flanges 100mm for supply and exhaust air
2 keys 2 keys
1 Hazelbeam2 1 Hazelbeam2
1 height-adjustable steel shelf
4 suspension arms for shelf
Model: Hazelbox® Compact inkl. Hazelbeam2 Hazelbox® Plus inkl. Hazelbeam2
Height: 120cm 195cm
Width: 93cm 93cm
Depth: 50cm 50cm
Plant height: 80cm with 4 plants 150cm with 6 plants
Lüfteranschluss: 2 flanges 100mm for supply and exhaust air 2 flanges 100mm for supply and exhaust air
Weight (net) 30kg 45kg
Keys: 2 2
Handle: Patented “Ergo-Lock” handle Patented “Ergo-Lock” handle
Material: Sheet steel 1mm
Opaque insulated doors
Sheet steel 1mm
Opaque insulated doors
Farben: Bird green
Anthracite grey
Bird green
Anthracite grey
Preis: 1579€ 1789€