Hazelbox Green´n´White 2022 incl. Hazelbeam 2 grow set

1.689,00  including VAT


Our latest grow set

Our Hazelbox Green’n’White 2022 is a 120cm high stealth grow set made of sturdy sheet steel, fully welded and delivered fully assembled. All connections are prepared for use as a grow set.

The plug and grow cabinet

From the outside, the grow cabinet looks like designer furniture. The Hazelbox Green’n’White 2022 is delivered exclusively together with the Hazelbeam2 in white. LED lighting, activated carbon filter, timer programs and exhaust air fan are located in one housing. All you have to do is hang the Hazelbeam2 in the Hazelbox, connect it and you can start right away.

Home growing has never been so easy

The complete grow system makes it easy to get started with home growing. 4-6 plants fit in the Hazelbox Green’n’White 2022. The shipping costs are included in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The biggest update ever

Our 2022 models have about 25% more light output than their predecessors. In addition, the grow box is now about 30% more quiet. The doors are even easier to open and close thanks to CundP’s new patented Ergo Lock system.




Dimensions 120cm x 93cm x 50cm

Ultra-silent exhaust air with 110m3 p/h

Easy to change integrated activated carbon filter

COB LEDs with up to 270 watts of power and an optimal color spectrum

Infrared and UV diodes

Ergo Lock for locking

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