Hazelbox Switch Growset

4.199,00  including VAT

Available form April 2024

All-new Hazelbox Switch

It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A grow box featuring instantly switchable windows. Particularly suitable for CSCs. You don’t want every member of the CSC to enter the grow room? The Hazelbox Switch will be the solution for all CSCs in 2024. Expected to be available from April 2024. Further information will follow here on the site. If you have any questions, please contact our team. The ultimate grow set for private users too.

Technology from Japan: the switchable glass comes directly from Japan and can be switched from opaque to transparent and back in seconds by remote control. UV- A,B,C filters in the glass protect your plants from extraneous light. Present your plants in a protected and legally compliant manner.

Our cabinets and the Hazelbeam are manufactured exclusively in Germany.


  • Dimensions 195cm x 93cm x 60cm and therefore a little more space than in our standard models
  • Ultrasilent exhaust air with 110m3 p/h -30% quieter than the Hazelbox Plus
  • Height-adjustable Hazelbeam2
  • Easy to change integrated activated carbon filter
  • COB LEDs with up to 270 watts of power and optimum color spectrum
  • Infrared and UV diodes
  • Ergo Lock for convenient locking
  • Up to -75% less power consumption than comparable grow sets
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