grow box

Are you looking for a grow box for your home? The Hazelbox is ideal for beginners in home growing. Our Ultrawhite and Green’n’White models have been available since August 2022 and offer you 25% more light output and great yields despite low power consumption. You want to know what a grow box needs?

the housing of a grow box

The housing of a growbox is in most cases a grow tent. Since this does not look pretty in every room, we have considered an alternative. Our Hazelbox is a stable steel cabinet made in Germany, fully welded and very robust. A Hazelbox lasts a lifetime.

the space in the grow box

All classic grow tents are preferably bought in the dimensions 80cm x 80cm x 180cm, or 1m2. Our Hazelbox has a base area of ​​50 cm x 93 cm in all variants.

Accordingly in the smaller version with a height of 120 cm, this offers you space for 4-6 plants. In the large version, our Hazelbox Ultrawhite with a height of 195cm, there is space for 6-8 plants. Depending on whether the plants tend to grow in width or in height. That depends on the variety of the plant.

the connections

Many of the conventional grow tents are opened with a zipper. The new Hazelbox models have doors with a patented Ergonorm handle and can also be locked with a key. As with the tents, fresh air has to get into the box somewhere, but also used old air out again. There are two flange openings on the Hazelbox for this purpose. Fresh air comes in through the lower one, and the power cable is also routed to the outside here. If you want to place other devices, such as an irrigation system, in the Hazelbox, this can also be done easily through the lower flange. The exhaust air hose of the Hazelbeam2 is connected to the upper flange. In our new 2022 models, this flange has an AirMatrix that significantly reduces the noise of the air flow. In comparison, the new Hazelbox models are about 30% quieter than their predecessors.

The inner workings of a growbox

Whether grow cabinet or a grow tent, the inner workings of a grow box is certainly the most important part for a successful harvest. In a grow box you need several technical devices to get a plant to bloom optimally. But basically you need light, a ventilation system and an activated carbon filter to avoid odors. The heart of our Hazelbox is the Hazelbeam2. It combines all the important components of a grow box in one housing. Home growing has never been so easy. If you want to know more about the Hazelbeam2 click here.