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Installment plan

Growbox kaufen Ratenzahlung

Installment plan

Would you like to order your grow box in installments? We have different options to choose from in our shop. You only need 2 steps to checkout in our shopping cart. This is the information about your address and the payment method. There are different options here:

Paypal 0 % installment plan

Is available in Germany and some participating EU countries. This PayPal Plus service is available to most PayPal customers with a 3 to 24 month installment.

We offer you the Paypal 0% financing through our shop from December 20th, 2021 – March 31st, 2022. That means you don’t pay any further fees or interest. For the Hazelbox Compact, for example, rates from 69 € per month are possible.

Klarna payment

Available in Austria, Germany and other participating EU countries. This is interesting for our customers in Austria, because unfortunately there is no PayPal installment payment there. Here, too, individual tariffs and offers are available from 3 to 24 months. Klarna is currently proposing an annual interest rate of 9.9%. But that doesn’t mean that you have to pay almost 10 percent more. Since the amount is reduced every month, the interest contributions also decrease in the long run. At a price of € 150, the fee is not just under € 15, but only about € 7.80.

Credit card

You can also order with Mastercard or Visacard. When checking out with Klarna, choose credit card as the payment method. Klarna then processes the payment with your provider.

More and more customers are using the option of paying in installments with us. Last year we also integrated Klarna for you. In addition, the checkout in our shopping cart is even easier because you can complete your purchase in just 2 steps.

If you have any questions about payment in installments or our grow box, just contact our service team.

Growbox kaufen Ratenzahlung
Growbox installment plan
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It took a long time, but finally the time has come.
Many of you have long wanted another color. The Hazelbox® Plus is now also available in the ultra-white edition. In addition, exclusively with white Hazelbeam2. The ultrawhite edition costs no extra charge and is available immediately. The delivery time can vary. Availability is limited.

Hazelbox Plus ultrawhite
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It grows

We receive many questions about how many plants fit in the Hazelbox® Plus and in our compact version. Here is a photo of our current tomato yield. Depending on how you let the plants grow, either 3 wide or 6 rather narrow and tall plants fit into the Hazelbox® Plus. A maximum of 5 flower pots are recommended for the Hazelbox® Compact. With the Hazelbox® Plus you hardly need to worry about the height. If you have any questions about the Hazelbox® , simply contact our service team.

Hazelbox Growbox offen mit Tomaten
Tomaten in der Growbox
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Hazelbox // Suzie Grime

For our friends in the Netherlands. The German youtuber Suzie Grime went to Amsterdam to review our growbox. The Hazelbox is now also available in the Netherlands. Thanks also to our partners SensiSeeds and Der Acker for supporting that video.
And big shout out to Suzie Grime for recommending us. 🙂

Die Youtuberin Suzie Grime testet unsere Hazelbox in Amsterdam. Unsere Growbox gibt es jetzt auch in Holland. Danke auch an unsere Partner SensiSeeds und Der Acker. Großen Dank an Suzie Grime für das tolle Video. 🙂
Hier geht’s zu Youtube Chanel von Suzie Grime. *







*wir verweisen auf den Haftungsausschluss für externe Inhalte

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„Philipp hat ein Gerät entwickelt, das fast vollautomatisch Pflanzen wachsen lässt und das theoretisch auch eine 80-Jährige bedienen könnte“
[vice Deutschland 07/18]

„Die Leistung der zwei verbauten LEDs mit SuperCOB-Clustern kann mittlerweile locker mit einer 400Watt-Natriumdampflampe verglichen werden – das ist eine Top-Leistung!“
[THCene 01/18]

„Die Hazelbox ist eine Growbox die ihresgleichen sucht: Unauffällig, aber sicher, leistungsstark und zugleich energieeffizient.“
[Highway Magazin 02/16]

“Wirklich mal eine Neuheit, die auch international für Aufsehen sorgen wird“
[exzessivTV 01/18]


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We speak english :) Nous parlons français :)

Our website is now also available in English and in French. You can change the languages on the home page at the bottom of the footer. We are happy about the deliveries we can regularly make into the newly added countries. Thank you for the many requests on our growbox.

Notre site est maintenant disponible en français et en anglais. Vous pouvez changer les langues sur la page d’accueil au bas du pied de page. Nous sommes heureux des nouveaux pays dans lesquels nous pouvons livrer régulièrement. Merci pour les nombreuses demandes sur notre growbox.