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Grow box for beginner

Grow box hazelbox
grow box Hazelbox

Grow box for beginners

Would you like to use a grow box for beginners? Then you’ve come to the right place with the Hazelbox grow box. Because the Hazelbox should give beginners in particular the opportunity to start a home grow easily and without much experience.

Grow box space

First, there is the question of how much space you have at home and how much space your plants need in the grow tent. For a normal user, 3-6 plants in a grow box are enough to cover the need. The Hazelbox has an area of 50 x 93 cm, which is easily enough for 5 good plants. Secondly, the Hazelbox hardly takes up any space in the home. Especially the small version, as the new Green’n’White Edition, fits in every room. So also for 1 room apartments with sloping ceilings or similar.

Grow box delivery

When you have your grow box delivered to you, we go through several steps. You don’t have to take care of almost anything

  1. The grow box is packaged neutrally and secured on a euro plate for transport
  2. The grow box will be picked up by the forwarding agent and delivered to the broadcasting center near you
  3. The forwarding agent reports to the recipient with a suitable delivery date
  4. The delivery will be carried out on the day of delivery as agreed with the customer
  5. Delivery takes up to 2 weeks in the EU
  6. On request, fixed delivery dates are also possible in consultation with our team
Grow box
Grow box

Grow box for beginners

Many customers are wondering whether it is particularly difficult to get started with home growing and what should be considered. Because with a conventional grow set, you often have to connect around 20 different components with each other and sometimes even solder them. With the purchase of a Hazelbox you get a fully assembled grow box. In addition, our Hazelbeam2 is included in the delivery. All you have to do is hang it in the Hazelbox and connect the exhaust hose to the box. After that, all you have to do is plug in the power plug and you can start your home grow. A solution that has established itself very well for all beginners in the field of home growing for years.

You can find more information about our Hazelbox here in our grow shop.

Grow box
Grow box for beginners