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Energy efficient grow box

Energy efficient grow box

Are you looking for an energy-efficient grow box for your home grow? With the Hazelbox you will find a grow box that consumes little energy and guarantees the best yields during cultivation.

Power consumption of a grow box

Many customers ask us how much electricity a grow box consumes. We have calculated the power consumption of our Hazelbox here for you. The Hazelbeam2 uses different amounts of power in different cycles. At the beginning in the blue phase it is about 120 watts of power with 18 hours of blue light. At the end of the flowering phase it is 270 watts with 12 hours of intense red light. So about 2.3 KhW per day. That is up to 70% less than other complete grow tent systems.

Grow box
Grow box

Compared to other grow systems and combined with the expected yield, this is a very economical yet efficient way to operate your home grow without high electricity costs.

Depending on the provider, you can save another 20-40% if you use your Hazelbox grow box at night with cheaper off-peak electricity. In addition, your power consumption is then evenly distributed throughout the day and there are no peaks in power consumption because not all your devices are running at the same time. So currently you pay about
39 cents per day for the operation of the Hazelbox if you use all factors optimally.

grow box set energy efficient
grow box set

Use the heat of the grow box

Due to the currently higher costs for heating, you can also take advantage of a grow box to save on heating costs. We recommend using our Hazelbox in living rooms with a temperature of approx. 20 degrees. This brings you the best yield.

However, it is also possible to operate a grow box in rooms with an ambient temperature of only 16 degrees. The box is often in a third room, i.e. an office or hobby room. Since the temperature in the Hazelbox is about 4 degrees warmer than outside, you can save on heating costs in these rooms or turn off the heating completely.