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Are you looking for home growing equipment? With the Hazelbox you can easily grow. With us you will find home growing euipment that is particularly suitable for beginners.

Which equipment do you need?

Starting a home grow usually requires quite a bit of equipment. It starts with the lamp. This supplies your plants with energy. With the lamp it is important to generate as much light output as possible with as little power consumption or loss through heat emission as possible. A good color mix is ​​also important to guarantee both rapid growth and a high-yield harvest.


If you want to know more about Grow LEDs, check out our article here.

Your plants also need fresh air to photosynthesize. But that also means that oxygen is produced, which in turn has to be channeled out of your grow box. An exhaust air system is required for this. This consists of exhaust air hoses and often a duct fan.

How do you prevent odors that could possibly arise? An activated carbon filter is installed in front of the exhaust air system. This filters all odors and other particles from the “old” air in the grow box. The filter must be changed at least once a year. Preferably even every 6 months.

The word grow box usually refers to the housing of a grow system. Classically you will find grow boxes as tents that are set up with stages. There are also cabinets made of wood, but their lifespan is very limited. Read our article about grow cabinets here and find out more.

home growing
Typically home growing equipment

Home grow equipment for beginners

We try to make it very easy for our customers to get started with home growing. The Hazelbox with the Hazelbeam2 are very easy and uncomplicated to install. All components of a grow box are in one system. In addition, the Hazelbox is a grow box made of metal that fits in every room, is safe and does not attract attention.

With us you get home growing equipment that has never been seen before. Just plug and grow. Best Homegrowing equipment you can find.

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home growing equipment
Home growing equipment